Laura M, 2016




David C, 2016


Marjan K, 2016


Kristin B, 2016

"My heart and soul needed this weekend! Thank you, Trista, Rahul and team for creating such an incredible opportunity for dance, learning, community and FUN this weekend. The creative energy, awesome food, AMAZING space to dance filled my heart with happiness and made my feet very very sore, which is a good sign. The level of instruction was inspiring and easy to assimilate...but most of all the people really made this a memorable and special weekend. Thank you for all the effort, heart and hard hard work everyone did to make this tango weekend a resounding success and thank you to everyone who flew in to dance with us here in Tampa Bay!

"Thank you, Trista and Rahul and your team for organizing this great event, for creating the beautiful atmosphere within that building and making us feel so cared for!"

"Thank you so much for the amazing event with great instructors, vendors, food, milongas, and music. Special thanks to Rahul and Trista who have been very patient and supportive when I was not sure if I could make it due to hurricane. I had a marvelous time!"

"Feet in the sand after the most incredible weekend at the USF Tango Festathon in Tampa. Rahul and Trista, you f-ing outdid yourselves! The music, the dancing, the venue, the food, the volunteers...all the things! All the things were amazing but it was the PEOPLE who came together, the people were everything! Thanks for the hugs and laughs."

Amanda D, 2016

"What a great weekend in Tampa! Trista Brophy, you are a great organizer and host. The fact that you even entertained my silly and irrelevant ideas without missing a beat amidst some serious planning is telling to how generous, thoughtful and fun-spirited you are. To Josh, Rahul, and all the volunteers, you guys did an amazing job this weekend...and with smiles on the whole time which is a feat in itself when executing a festival and marathon! Most of my fav djs in one weekend didn't hurt too, and actually having time to hang out with old and new friends was a bonus."

Amanda A, 2014

“Had such a great time at the USF Tango Fest this weekend!! Tampa has a lovely community full of talented dancers, loving people and warm embraces. Thank youTrista Brophy for doing such a great job organizing the festival and for helping to build such a special community. Thank you Olivia Leona Roberts for helping bring everything together and for being such a great host to us. And a special thank you to Jay Abling, as always I feel honored and privileged to dance with you, teach with you and to be able to call you my friend, until we meet again.”

Tanya B, 2014

“The festival was amazing! Thank you!”

Jila N, 2014

“Thank you all the organizers of USF Tango Festival! Thank you Angel for your music, the teachers and their generosity in their demonstration and social interaction, and even best wishes to all the many dancers who contributed to the success of the great milonga with whom I had a bliss! You killed my feet in such an amazing way!”

 Jay A, 2014

“Thank you to the Usf tango fest team! You guys were all amazing, generous and fun!!! And special thanks to Amanda for a wonderful collaboration! Will miss you guys!”

Angel M, 2014

“Back home after a wonderful weekend in Tampa. It is always great to see old friends and meet new ones. Thanks for making it possible, and thanks to everybody attending the milongas and classes. You are the ones making the magic happen.”

Tony R, 2014

“Many thanks to all the volunteers, all the instructors and DJs, and special thanks to the dancers who attended...a great weekend!”

Nikki H, 2014

“Wonderful festival!”

Rahul U, 2014

“Indeed an amazing festival with amazing instructors and amazing organizers!”

Casey Y, 2014

“Tired like after a major marathon. “Thanks a lot! USF Tango Club for ever!

Anonymous, 2014

“The festival was absolutely great, I learned and enjoyed so much! Thank you so much for giving birth to this creation, you are wonderful!”

Hernan P, 2014

“I would like to thank the organizers for all the efforts they made to organize this memorable event. I look forward to the next year's.

April P, 2014

“Had a great time at USF Tango Festival. Enjoyed some very good classes and wonderful dancing. Many thanks for organization and everything!”

Kathie M, 2014

“Thank you for making this fest happen. Your hard work is appreciated!”

Steve L, 2013

“Congratulations to the USF Tango Club for the EPIC week of Tango! So many accomplishments!”

The Scene Media, 2013

“A huge thank you to the entire USF Tango Festival staff and volunteers for having us photograph this festival. It’s always a pleasure to be part of the beautifully organized annual event!”

 Sly R, 2013

“Thank you for putting on a beautiful festival. It was one of the funnest and friendliest festivals I’ve ever visited!”

 Flora V, 2013

“Thanks to all the amazing instructors, big thanks to Trista for being an awesome host and organizer, and thanks to all my friends I missed so much!”

 Cristina L, 2013

“A giant thank you to the folks responsible for the USF Tango Festival! The organizers and the many volunteers worked their butts off to pull off a fun-filled event! The teachers, locals and out of towners, thank you all for playing!”

Sarah B, 2013

“What a great USF tango festival this year! Next year seems too far away already!”

Lorena D, 2013

“Feeling very happy! I had such a good time at USF Tango Festival! Thank you very much to the organizers for the amazing job they did putting the festival together! Looking forward to come back next year!”

Simone A, 2013

“A fantastic and extremely well organized festival!”

Casey Y, 2013

“USF Tango Fest was a grand 128 hour party. Established locals, university tango clubs, visiting dancers all united.”

Cristina L, 2013

“A giant thank you to the folks responsible for the USF Tango Festival! The organizers and the many volunteers worked their butts off to pull off a fun-filled event! The teachers, locals and out of towners, thank you all for playing!”

Kathie M, 2013

“Kudos to you for the marvelous fest!”

Sarah Z, 2013

“I had tons of fun this weekend at the 2nd Annual USF Tango Festival! I feel so lucky to have met and danced with so many amazing tango dancers from around the country this weekend. I also feel very fortunate to be part of such an amazing club and being able to take advantage of such incredible opportunities thanks to the hard work and planning of my fellow officers and friends. Great job to everyone who helped out and I hope you all get some rest, you deserve it!”

Chantal F, 2013

“I want to thank you for the great job you did this week end in the Tampa Fest... also for your great hospitality and warmth...We had a wonderful time and looking forward to see you soon.”

Linda B, 2013

“Had so much fun this weekend. Thanks to the USF Tango Club for a super festival! Great instructors, DJs, dancers, and food! Also so nice to be able to dance in the ballroom Sat and Sun. Can't wait until next year!”

Yani S, 2013

“The crowd from Naples want to thank you guys for the wonderful moments we had at the festival. You guys worked really hard to make this event happen and it did really well. Many wonderful classes, milongas, instructors, and performances. We are looking forward for next year's festival.”

Maria V, 2013

“Awesome festival!”

Magalie L, 2013

“Thank you all for the awesome event! I, and my feet, will always remember.”

Dubravko, 2012

“Great success organizing the milonga Saturday evening. It was my pleasure to DJ for you. Thank you for inviting me.”

Jerry H, 2012

“The REAL stars of this fantastic event were the USF Tango Club Students, Incredible job. Gracias un millon. Every Student I encountered was a real joy: always helpful, knowledgeable, very professional. Actually much better than the "Professionally" managed events I have been to over the years.”

Irene Z, 2012

“Fabulous debut! Huge THANK YOU to everyone involved from all of us at the UF Tango Club!”

Pablo R, 2012

“Thank you guys so much for inviting me at your wonderful event! it was an honor to be part of it. Everything was very well organized, great team work! I had a great time! Thank you!”

Marissa A, 2012

“Excellent event!!! Congratulations!!! I wish i could have done the whole weekend. Thank you guys!”

Robert L, 2012

“Fantastic job with the tango festival!”

Ernie R, 2012

“Amazing event, already looking forward to next year’s! Beautiful job putting this event together.”

Stephanie R, 2012

“Now that the USF Tango Festival has come to an end, I have a moment to say a few words!!! First of all, this festival was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. A lot of this is due to the fact that there was an extensive amount of wonderful support, efforts, participation, and hard work from quite a few people. Thank you to all of you for everything that you did to make this event such a memorable moment in my life and to many others. Thank you again!!!! I am also grateful for new friendships and hope to cross paths with everyone again soon!!”

The Scene Media, 2012

“Everything about this event was well organized and beautifully done. We are honored to be a small part of the festivities.”

Jane T, 2012

"Great job, and we loved it. Looking forward to next year!”

Simone , 2012

“To all USF organizers, volunteers, teachers and participants...thank you for a great weekend where we could all share our passion for this thing called TANGO that has a way of kidnapping us and holding us hostage. You and all did an outstanding job, it's something that all of you can be very proud of and keep such an achievement in your hearts forever!”

Heather E, 2012

“The event was wonderful! Sign me up for next year. Thanks to all the volunteers and the wonderful teachers and the great musicians who played at the music jam!”

Edyta D, 2012

“It was a fun festival. Great job on organizing everything so well!”

Sterling S, 2012

“Thank you for having this event. It is a lot of work, the instructors were great, and I very much enjoyed myself. Thank you.”

Luis, 2012

“Awesome job with this festival! I am looking forward to next year already!”

Donna W, 2012

“The members of The ArgentineTango Club at USF are articulate, compassionate, great dancers and wonderful organizers of such fun event!”